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2016 18-01

Electoral Competition and Political Selection by Nicolas Gavoille (SSE Riga and BICEPS)

Research in political economy has recently rediscovered that individuals, and not only institutions, matter for economic outcomes: not all politicians are of the same quality. Competition in the political market may have another virtue than its traditional disciplining role: it may favor the selection of good politicians. In a recent paper, Marijn Verschelde and I study the (time-varying) relationship between political competition and the quality of French deputies.

New article published in the Baltic Journal of Economics

2016 15-01

"Financial incentives to work in the context of a complex reform package and growing wages: the Polish experience 2005–2011" by Michal Myck, Adrian Domitrz, Leszek Morawski & Aneta Semeniuk


2016 10-02

Title: Imbalanced Job Polarization and Skills Mismatch in Europe

Speaker: Alexander Tarvid (University of Latvia)

Place: 407

Joint BICEPS and SSE Riga Seminar Series welcomes researchers working on theoretical or empirical topics in all fields, but especially on transitional economies. If you are interested in presenting your research in our research seminar series, please e-mail your proposal to Anna Zasova at and Anna Pluta at

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