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New article published in the Baltic Journal of Economics

2016 23-03

"Evaluation of Latvia’s re-exports using firm-level trade data" by Konstantīns Beņkovskis, Santa Bērziņa & Līva Zorgenfreija.

Labour Market Measures in Latvia 2008–13: The Crisis and Beyond

2016 11-03

Publication "Labour Market Measures in Latvia 2008–13: The Crisis and Beyond” by our researcher Anna Zasova (BICEPS) is part of the research report "Inventory of labour market policy measures in the EU 2008–13: The crisis and beyond” published by International Labour Organization and is available here


Joint BICEPS and SSE Riga Seminar Series welcomes researchers working on theoretical or empirical topics in all fields, but especially on transitional economies. If you are interested in presenting your research in our research seminar series, please e-mail your proposal to Nicolas Gavoille at

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