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 Year 2015 

Conference "Tax policy in Latvia: opportunities and challenges"

Participants of today's conference "Tax policy in Latvia: opportunities and challenges" discussed challenges faced by the Latvian tax policy makers and proposed possible solutions, based on other countries' best practices. The conference was organised by the European Conservatives and Reformists Group in the European Parliament, and was mainly focusing on income taxes and tax collection, as well as on effective ways to reduce inequality. List of participants included representatives from the European Parliament, OECD, Latvian finance ministry, Employers’ Confederation of Latvia, Free Trade Union Confederation of Latvia, and other organisations.

BICEPS research fellows Anna Zasova and Anna Pļuta (Ždanoviča) were talking about efficiency and equity of the Latvian tax-benefit system. In their presentation, they emphasized that the Latvian tax-benefit system is characterized both by relatively weak incentives to work and relatively low degree of income redistribution. 

BICEPS presentation


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