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 Year 2016 


2016 01-09

The rise of the dual labour market: fighting precarious employment in the new member states through industrial relations (PRECARIR). Latvia report available here

Remembering Alf

2016 20-07

It is with deep sadness that we received the news of the sudden death of Alf Vanags, Director of the Baltic International Centre for Economic Policy Studies (BICEPS) and former Eurofaculty and SSE Riga faculty member. Prior to coming to Riga he held academic positions at Queen Mary & Westfield College London University. Alf was one of the founding editors of the Baltic Journal of Economics and served as its Managing Editor at the time of passing away. As Director of BICEPS he was one of the founders of the FREE Network (Forum for Research in Eastern Europe and Emerging Economies). Read more

BICEPS future

2016 20-07

On June 26, Alf Vanags passed away. Alf founded BICEPS in 2002 and has served as its Director since then. Until the very end, he was actively working on projects, taking part in the public debate, and giving policy advice. There are many former students and colleagues whose lives and careers Alf influenced – with his lectures, with advice, with support and sometimes by simply being a wise friend who could encourage, help to identify the most important things and to go forward. He created a truly unique atmosphere around himself - many people who used to work with BICEPS and are not formally affiliated with BICEPS anymore, kept the ties and often come to our office. “Once you are in, you can never get out” – this is Alf’s favorite saying about people affiliated with BICEPS. Read more

New article published in the Baltic Journal of Economics

2016 23-03

"Evaluation of Latvia’s re-exports using firm-level trade data" by Konstantīns Beņkovskis, Santa Bērziņa & Līva Zorgenfreija.

Labour Market Measures in Latvia 2008–13: The Crisis and Beyond

2016 11-03

Publication "Labour Market Measures in Latvia 2008–13: The Crisis and Beyond” by our researcher Anna Zasova (BICEPS) is part of the research report "Inventory of labour market policy measures in the EU 2008–13: The crisis and beyond” published by International Labour Organization and is available here

European Commission's Country Report Latvia 2016

2016 09-03

FREE policy brief "Latvia Stumbling Towards Progressive Income Taxation" by Alf Vanags and Anna Zasova (brief available here) has been referred to in the European Commission's Country Report Latvia 2016

New FREE Policy Brief

2016 18-01

Electoral Competition and Political Selection by Nicolas Gavoille (SSE Riga and BICEPS)

Research in political economy has recently rediscovered that individuals, and not only institutions, matter for economic outcomes: not all politicians are of the same quality. Competition in the political market may have another virtue than its traditional disciplining role: it may favor the selection of good politicians. In a recent paper, Marijn Verschelde and I study the (time-varying) relationship between political competition and the quality of French deputies.

New article published in the Baltic Journal of Economics

2016 15-01

"Financial incentives to work in the context of a complex reform package and growing wages: the Polish experience 2005–2011" by Michal Myck, Adrian Domitrz, Leszek Morawski & Aneta Semeniuk


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