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 Year 2018 

GEM 2015/2018 publication

2018 21-12

Check the latest GEM report, written by Marija Krūmiņa and Anders Paalzow. It covers the results of three sequential years of studies, from 2015 to 2017. GEM is a major international research project aimed at describing and analysing the entrepreneurial process across a wide range of countries. It is our belief that the Latvian GEM will not only contribute to an understanding of the factors influencing entrepreneurship in Latvia but that it will also contribute to an informed debate on Latvian entrepreneurship and the opportunities and challenges it is facing. Download the report.

The Monograph "Competitiveness of Latvian Enterprises in External Markets"

2018 03-09

The monograph “Competitiveness of Latvian Enterprises in External Markets” is a joint work of BICEPS researchers and SSE Riga graduates completed within the State Research Programme SUSTINNO project in the period 2014-2018.

The main objective of the monograph is to better understand the factors that promote exporting of the Latvian enterprises, as well as barriers that firms may face when entering export markets. The monograph consists of two parts. The first part examines similarities and differences between exporters and non-exporters and evaluates factors that affect firms’ propensity to export, with a particular focus on the role of EU fund investments and tax evasion. The second part provides a more general analysis of determinants of efficiency and competitiveness of the Latvian enterprises. Download the monograph

Alf Vanags Memorial Lecture: May 17, 13:00-14:30

2018 24-04

We kindly invite everyone to Alf Vanags Memorial Lecture "Self-interest Against Climate Change" by John Broome (Oxford University) on May 17 at 13:00 in Soros Amphitheatre, SSE Riga. Introduction by Charles Okeahalam (Co-founder AGH Group).

Presentation: What are the main levers for the growth of the grocery retail industry in Latvia?

2018 29-03

SSE Riga and BICEPS invite you to a presentation of an in-depth study and expert discussion about the grocery retail sector in Latvia. Presentation will take place on 5th of April at 11.00 in Soros auditorium.

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