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2015-05-25 Yannis Katsoulacos (Athens University of Economics and Business) Competition Authority Substantive Standards and Social Welfare 403 13:00-14:30
2015-05-11 Jānis Skrastiņš (London Business School)  Firm Boundaries and Financial Contracts 403 17:00-18:30
2015-04-30 Hernan Ruffo (Universidad Torcuato Di Tella) Wage dynamics and workers' mobility during deep recessions 503 12:00-13:30
2015-04-01 Sergejs Gubins (CERTeT, Bocconi University) Teleworking Technology and Travel 403 17:00-18:30
2015-02-25 Tālis Putniņš (SSE Riga, BICEPS and UTS Business School) Volatility After-Effects: Evidence from the Field 403 17:00-18:30
2015-02-19 Jaan Masso (University of Tartu) Foreign market experience, learning by hiring and firm export performance 403 16:00-17:30
2015-01-29 Rudolfs Bems (IMF, Bank of Latvia) Income-Induced Expenditure Switching 403 17:00-18:30
2015-01-22 Arina Matvejeva (University of Delaware) Determinants of persistence in innovation: evidence from the case study of the ‘Eye Microsurgery’ Complex 403 17:00-18:30
2014-12-12 Alexander Plum (University of Magdeburg) The Employment Prospects of Low-Paid Workers and the Unemployed in England 311 17:00-18:30
2014-11-20 Dominik Gerber (University of Geneva) Why Prefer Democracy? A Pragmatist Argument 403 17:00-18:30
2014-10-28 Priscilla Fialho (University College London) Sorting into fixed-term vs. open-ended contracts and the impact on wage dynamics 503 13:00-14:30
2014-09-18 Boriss Siliverstovs (KOF Swiss Economic Institute) The KOF Economic Barometer, Version 2014: A Composite Leading Indicator for the Swiss Business Cycle 403 17:00-18:30


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