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2018-06-14 Janis Skrastins (Washington University in St. Louis) Access to Credit and Labor Market Outcomes - Evidence from Credit Lotteries 611 17:00-18:30
2018-05-31 Romans Pancs (ITAM, Mexico) A Social-Status Rationale for Repugnant and Protected Market Transactions 611 17:00-18:30
2018-05-29 Bas B. Bakker (IMF Regional Office for Central and Eastern Europe) Phoenix from the Ashes: The Recovery of the Baltics from the 2008/2009 Crisis 611 17:00-18:30
2018-05-17 Guglielmo Maria Caporale (Brunel University London) On the Persistence of UK Inflation: A Long-Range Dependence Approach 611 17:00-18:30
2018-05-03 Erik Verhoef (VU Amsterdam) Trading Trips: Using Tradable Permits to Manage Urban Mobility 611 17:00-18:30
2018-04-19 Olegs Tkacevs (Bank of Latvia) Output volatility and fiscal rules: do design and compliance matter? 611 17:00-18:30
2018-04-05 Michal Myck (CenEA, IZA) On which side of the fence is the grass greener? Identifying the role of administrative boundaries for regional development. 611 17:00-18:30
2018-03-22 Chloé Le Coq (SITE, Stockholm School of Economics) How Do Social Entrepreneurs Respond to Rewards? A Field Experiment on Motivations 611 17:00-18:30
2018-03-08 Raphael Franck (Hebrew University of Jerusalem) Emigration during the French Revolution: Consequences in the Short and Longue Duree 611 17:00-18:30
2018-02-22 Tālis Putniņš (University of Technology Sydney, SSE Riga) Sex, drugs, and bitcoin: How much illegal activity is financed through cryptocurrencies? 611 17:00-18:30
2018-02-15 Joshua Holm (Vrije Universiteit Brussel) Region, nation, and redistribution: Experimental evidence on social identity and policy preferences among Belgian local politicians 611 17:00-18:30
2018-02-08 Andrejs Zlobins (Bank of Latvia) What are the Macroeconomic Effects of the ECB QE? Empirical Evidence from Structural Bayesian VAR 611 17:00-18:30
2018-01-25 Anders Olofsgard (SITE, Stockholm School of Economics) Signaling Dissent: Political Behavior in the Arab World 611 17:00-18:30
2018-01-11 Boriss Siliverstovs (Bank of Latvia) Employment Effect of Innovation 611 17:00-18:30
2017-12-14 Douglas Campbell (New Economic School) Relative Prices, Hysteresis, and the Decline of American Manufacturing 611 17:00-18:30
2017-11-30 Vitalijs Jascisens (Toulouse School of Economics)  Can Entry Mitigate the Effect of Inflated Reserve Prices in Public Procurement? 611 17:00-18:30
2017-11-16 Audinga Baltrunaite (Bank of Italy) Political Contributions and Public Procurement: Evidence from Lithuania 611 17:00-18:30
2017-11-02 Matthias Weber (Bank of Lithuania and Vilnius University) Monetary Policy under Behavioral Expectations: Theory and Experiment 611 17:00-18:30
2017-10-26 Sang-Wook (Stanley) Cho (University of New South Wales) Skill Premium Divergence: The Roles of Trade, Capital and Demographics 611 17:00-18:30
2017-10-19 Vincenzo Galasso (Bocconi) Old Before Their Time: The Role Of Employers In Retirement Decisions 611 17:00-18:30
2017-10-05 Karsten Staehr (Bank of Estonia and Tallinn University of Technology) Current Account Dynamics in Central and Eastern Europe: Pull and Push Factors 611 17:00-18:30
2017-09-21 Colin Kuehnhanss (Vrije Universiteit Brussel) All's fair in taxation: A framing experiment with local politicians 611 17:00-18:30


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